Facebook has 241 million monthly active users in North America, as of the first quarter in 2018. And according to the statistics portal Statista (www.statista.com), over half of these are between 25 and 34 years old.  

White Label Facebook Advertising is a service for advertising and marketing agencies to support the social media elements of your campaign that can be time-consuming and require on-going monitoring.

There’s no doubt that you would want your client’s brands to participate where potential customers spend much of their time, but do you have the time to create, schedule and monitor all of this activity for them?

Assigning a member of your creative team to full time social media monitoring and reporting doesn’t make sense, and when you have many brands in your stable to take care of, the work is multiplied to the point of complete overflow.

Focus on your client’s strategy and let white label resellers take care of the Facebook advertising, monitoring and reporting for you. You’ll receive regular reports that you can brand and pass on to your clients with confidence.

Why Facebook?

Apart from the sheer numbers, the length of time that people spend on Facebook was already at an average of 39 minutes daily in 2014.

Facebook advertising is great for your clients with smaller budgets. Let them know they can still reach a large audience with less cost. It’s an engaged audience and interacting with them does take effort, but the results are directly measurable.

Importantly, the insights gained from Facebook activity can be fed back into your brand strategies and inform your creative teams.

DMR offers a Social Media Reseller Program that will take care of Facebook advertising for your brands while you focus on the creative strategy and campaigns. We offer wholesale prices so that you can incorporate it into your own offering while still making a profit.