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After months of developing our processes to serve our clients better, we at Team Globital are proud to announce our registration as an ISO 9001-certified company.

From the very beginning, we set out to become a leader in providing word-class white-label digital marketing services and support to agencies from all over the world. While the work speaks for itself, it became increasingly important for us to seal the deal by meeting international standards. ISO 9001 certification is the hallmark of global excellence, so we undertook the challenge to meet the requirements as a business.

Not only is this move a show of resilience, but it serves as a marker of our passion and devotion to putting our best foot forward as we support our clients. The registration process was gruelling, but it placed a spotlight on all the places in which we excel, as well as the ones that needed an extra push. Now we’re working with a well-oiled machine that’s equipped to provide unequalled products and services to our clients.

What It Means For Our Clients

It’s simple. When we win, you win. The better our process, the higher the quality of work we produce, and the more satisfied agency clients are. Obtaining the ISO 9001 certification creates a ripple effect of customer satisfaction (and smiles to the bank). You stand to gain:

  • Content and services that abides by international guidelines and expectations.
  • Partnership with a company that’s a leader in providing top tier support for digital marketing agencies.
  • Consistency when it comes to the quality of products, level of service, and calibre of results.

According to Globital’s Managing Director, Damian Papworth

“Achieving ISO 9001 accreditation is one of the most important and critical pieces of the puzzle that Globital is building to improve the digital marketing industry, worldwide.”

He adds:

“I am extremely proud of the work that my team has put in to achieve this fantastic accolade, which proves their commitment to our company’s core culture and also their obsession with only delivering quality products and services to our agencies.”

Our Journey To ISO 9001 Certification

Registering for an ISO 9001 certification is serious business. It meant that we opened ourselves up to a comprehensive audit of the business of different levels. It included analyses of Globital’s management systems, clients’ experiences of them, and documentation. While it was nerve-wracking, it came as no surprise that we ticked all the boxes. Our teams in Pakistan, Australia, and South Africa worked hard to achieve this.

Now that we have registered as an ISO 9001-certified company, we can move forward on the quest to become an even better service provider. We promise to take our clients along every step of the way.

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Google has made it reasonably easy to set up and run your client’s Adwords campaign, all you need to do is to enter your card details, write the advert, add a few keywords and you are good to go.

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A business that seeks to infiltrate the modern market but does not have a website is like a knight trying to help a damsel in distress without any shiny armour. It is not an easy task running a business, and there is no guarantee that your to-do-list will ever end.

However, when it comes to carving out and maintaining your online visibility or that of your client, this should not be an excuse. As the adage goes, “a jack of all trades is a master of none,” applies here as not everyone is a white label website reseller with the creativity to develop fabulous jaw-dropping sites.

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Your company’s website is a conscious entity on the internet. It interacts with visitors and every update you make on the site once it is “live” aids in that interaction. Search engines will consider a static website without any updates as one that is a “dead” entity with no life and nothing new to offer. A website that is frequently updated provides search engines with a haven of fresh content and sources of new information to assist in their search requests.

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If there is one thing a white label wholesale SEO reseller hates, other than low rankings on Google, is being given a third-degree grilling by prospective clients. However, you will need to conduct an ‘interview’, even if it resorts to a series of email exchanges.

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