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Digital agencies understand that social media marketing is an important element of their services. Delivering social media strategies for the brands you look after is exciting and rewarding. Managing, scheduling and monitoring them isn’t.

What are some of the frustrations you face as an agency in keeping your eye on social media management while also juggling everything else you do for your clients? These are some of the things that agencies may experience:



  • Apart from being work-intensive, social media management can tie up your expensive resources that may be better employed on brand strategies, new campaigns or gaining new business.
  • As you know, engaging with the brand’s audience and gaining instant feedback provides valuable insight for developing your client’s brand strategies, but doing so on social media requires an always available, responsive team who understand customer service and the brand voice.
  • Employing and setting up a dedicated social media management team in-house can also be costly. Having to look for and schedule freelancers every time you have a backlog can also add to your frustrations.

One of the ways to keep the costs minimal while still having peace of mind that your client’s campaigns are being run efficiently and professionally is to make use of an outsourced social media management service.

The trick is to find experts with the solid skills and experience on all the various social media platforms to deliver the kind of solutions that you can be proud of and present with confidence.

White label social media management

With a white label service, you’ll maintain the relationship with your clients and present the reports as your own. Digital Marketing Resellers is a white label service supporting digital marketing agencies.

DMR can help your agency create, schedule and post social media content for your clients with less effort and cost. You can tap into our tracking system for insight whenever you wish, and you will be able to present measurable results to your clients.

If some of your clients are hesitant to jump into the social media environment, we’ll help you to prove the benefits to them with a current visibility benchmark followed by increased website traffic and search engine rankings.

We offer a free, one month social media trial so that you can be assured of the quality of our services before you put your reputation on the line. We’re that confident that our services will support your agency with the professionalism you expect.

As a digital agency that pitches for new business, you know that your portfolio and creative skills are good. You can do a good job on building their brand, and have done so for many other clients, but how do you give them absolute assurance that your agency can do the same for them?

The answer is strikingly simple: offer them a guarantee that you can improve their specific search engine rankings. Before you go in to pitch, place yourself in the shoes of a consumer who has not yet been introduced to your client’s brand. Without using any brand names, search the internet for the general type of product or service that the business offers.

Does the business come up within the first page of search engine results? Have you tried different search terms that people may be using? This simple exercise is not an SEO analysis, but it might give you an idea or first impression of your client’s online visibility to potential customers who are not yet familiar with their brand name.

Unless their current site consistently holds a top spot in all related and possible results in their area of business solutions, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is probably something that you know will need work.

This is where you can really wow potential new clients by approaching them with a full SEO analysis that provides a benchmark of their current online visibility. If you can guarantee to improve that, they will be impressed.

SEO Analysis Services

Digital Marketing Resellers helps digital agencies in the US to gain new business by offering a free SEO audit of the business that you would like to win. The pitch process can be long and expensive, so we take some of the cost and effort out of it for you by providing a detailed, white label report for you to present at the initial pitch.

An SEO analysis will cover a technical, content, link and Local SEO audit, as well as provide recommendations for improvement in each area. We can also do a competitive audit for you to gain insight as to how to approach your pitch strategy.

Speak to us before you start the pitch process on that new business you have set your eyes on. We’ll arm you with all the facts you need to support your pitch.

Our free trial includes free SEO audits so you don’t have to invest in the pitch before you’ve won the business.

As an agency, you know that creating a brand from a product or service is much more than a logo and a website. Sure, those two things are vital elements of the brand, but they don’t represent its entirety.

You know that the look and feel must be professional and polished, the communication must be consistent and appropriate for it’s customers and the message must be relevant. It’s a lot to co-ordinate, but it doesn’t stop there.

Brands are also about the relationships between the business and it’s customers. A brand is intangible because it also represents the personality, attitude and behaviour with which business is conducted, and how it’s customers feel about the relationship over time. How can you help build all those elements if you don’t actually own the business or even work there?


The whole is greater than the sum of its parts

If you have worked hard to create a stunning brand image for a client and crafted a clever message for their brand, you’ll want to ensure that it is visible in search results when potential customers are looking for a relevant solution to their needs.

Perhaps even worse than not being found, is being found and then have the brand receive bad press or bad reviews because of a broken form on a website or if online help or information requests are ignored.

Building an online profile includes ensuring that all contact details are correct, forms are working smoothly and that any online interaction between the brand and its customers is as professional as the image you have created.

DMR can help you with a full range of branding elements for you to present to your clients:

Our white label services support agencies in brand building efforts. Talk to us about your branding needs.

Of course you want to help your clients reach new customers, but sometimes managing Adwords campaigns can be admin intensive and in a busy agency environment, it can cause other work to get backed up in the system.

That’s where Adwords specialists can help. Request a white label Adwords service so that you can have the management and reporting dealt with while you focus on creative strategies and brand identity.

You can outsource the elements of brand campaigns like search and display network ads, and have the white label reports sent back through to you. Incorporate your insights and send it onto your clients with confidence that traffic, leads and sales have been boosted.



The Adwords Management Process

We don’t need to tell you that Americans access the internet for products and services every day. You know that, but isn’t PPC more about analysis than creative work? In many ways, yes it is. But it also dovetails perfectly with your brand message campaigns. Here’s what we offer as a white label Adwords service to you:

  • A comprehensive Pay Per Click Audit with keyword research.
  • Setting up a campaign from start to finish: ads, location, keywords and extensions.
  • Spilt testing to improve metrics in terms of clicks, purchases, and form completion.
  • Identifying and eliminating all negative keywords.
  • Conversion installation and optimization for accurate benchmarking.
  • Demonstrating progess with weekly and monthly reports.
  • Monthly campaign analysis and revision depending upon statistics.
  • Re-marketing (where requested).

DMR are Digital Marketing Resellers and we can support your agency with professional white label Adwords management at wholesale rates. Contact us to talk Google Adwords or access our free trial.

Facebook has 241 million monthly active users in North America, as of the first quarter in 2018. And according to the statistics portal Statista (www.statista.com), over half of these are between 25 and 34 years old.  

White Label Facebook Advertising is a service for advertising and marketing agencies to support the social media elements of your campaign that can be time-consuming and require on-going monitoring.

There’s no doubt that you would want your client’s brands to participate where potential customers spend much of their time, but do you have the time to create, schedule and monitor all of this activity for them?

Assigning a member of your creative team to full time social media monitoring and reporting doesn’t make sense, and when you have many brands in your stable to take care of, the work is multiplied to the point of complete overflow.

Focus on your client’s strategy and let white label resellers take care of the Facebook advertising, monitoring and reporting for you. You’ll receive regular reports that you can brand and pass on to your clients with confidence.

Why Facebook?

Apart from the sheer numbers, the length of time that people spend on Facebook was already at an average of 39 minutes daily in 2014.

Facebook advertising is great for your clients with smaller budgets. Let them know they can still reach a large audience with less cost. It’s an engaged audience and interacting with them does take effort, but the results are directly measurable.

Importantly, the insights gained from Facebook activity can be fed back into your brand strategies and inform your creative teams.

DMR offers a Social Media Reseller Program that will take care of Facebook advertising for your brands while you focus on the creative strategy and campaigns. We offer wholesale prices so that you can incorporate it into your own offering while still making a profit.

As you probably know, the term ‘white label’ refers to producing a product or service for another company to rebrand and sell-on accordingly.

In this case, a white label content writing service produces digital content for marketing and advertising agencies, who in turn package it with their other services for their clients.

Content producers offer a support structure for agencies to tap into when they need to outsource content-intensive jobs that are a part of their on-going digital brand building for their clients.

Agencies would have already developed the brand identity, strategy and campaign and now need to feed it with written content to keep it alive, monitored and results-driven.


Content can include a number of written elements within a brand campaign:

  • Website pages that are well structured and SEO focused.
  • Blog posts to keep brands relevant and fresh.
  • Email campaigns for direct marketing.
  • Social media content to support social media campaigns.
  • Press Releases and product descriptions.
  • Print copy and brochures.
  • Proofreading and transcribing.

These are often time-consuming elements of brand campaigns that require a monitoring and leads focus, and support the main message that the agency develops for each brand.

So what are the advantages of our white label content writing service for agencies?

  • Never miss deadlines by waiting for your client to supply content.
  • Clear backlogs in your system when content requirements are holding it up.
  • If you want the assurance of rigorous sub editing by experienced journalists.
  • To nurture leads on brand campaigns and provide reports.
  • Achieve higher website rankings for your client’s brands.
  • Increase profitability by tapping into wholesale rates.

In an increasingly content-driven world, it simply makes sense to outsource the production, just as you would for TV or Radio commercials.

DMR are Digital Marketing Resellers and we can support your agency with professional content at wholesale rates. We never duplicate and make sure you can always provide fresh, unique content. Contact us to talk about your content requirements and our affordable packages.

American motivation speaker Denis Waitley once famously said that a person should never become so much of an expert that they stop gaining expertise, and that every individual should view life as a continuous learning experience.

This is an approach to business that Digital Resellers Australia has always believed in, which is why CEO Damian Papworth recently flew to meet our offshore team based in Pakistan to facilitate training further deepening their digital expertise.

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Digital Marketing Resellers‘s CEO Damian Papworth recently offered some advice to the digital agencies of Australia. This advice was written for the thousands of smaller, niche agencies that service the Australian SME landscape and may be struggling somewhat, due to the intense competition.

SEO, digital marketing and the creative industries are very, very crowded market places here, so reviewing what you are doing and trying something different or better invariably pays dividends.

If you’d like to read Damian’s ideas, click through the image below and access the full article on Anthill.

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My Vision for Digital Marketing Resellers


I have spoken to many people about what my vision for this company is, as it is a little different to what most people expect. It’s a bit different as it is not about SEO, it’s about your business.

My vision and the vision for Globital is this:

To be the best company globally in helping digital agencies run highly successful and profitable businesses!

We aren’t just about providing wholesale SEO services, we are about doing all the things that will help you build and run a better business.
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It is important for modern businesses who wish to thrive to keep up with international developments in order to forge strategic partnerships with workforces from all around the world.

For Digital Marketing Resellers who strive to set themselves apart as the premium global company currently assisting digital agencies to run highly successful and profitable businesses, this fact is especially important.

As part of this commitment, CEO Damian Papworth recently visited the business’s core operations in Pakistan in order to galvanise the SEO Reseller core message around support digital agencies and also to reassure its clients that the company’s international operations lift their work standards to meet and surpass those expected in Australia.

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