As an agency, you know that creating a brand from a product or service is much more than a logo and a website. Sure, those two things are vital elements of the brand, but they don’t represent its entirety.

You know that the look and feel must be professional and polished, the communication must be consistent and appropriate for it’s customers and the message must be relevant. It’s a lot to co-ordinate, but it doesn’t stop there.

Brands are also about the relationships between the business and it’s customers. A brand is intangible because it also represents the personality, attitude and behaviour with which business is conducted, and how it’s customers feel about the relationship over time. How can you help build all those elements if you don’t actually own the business or even work there?


The whole is greater than the sum of its parts

If you have worked hard to create a stunning brand image for a client and crafted a clever message for their brand, you’ll want to ensure that it is visible in search results when potential customers are looking for a relevant solution to their needs.

Perhaps even worse than not being found, is being found and then have the brand receive bad press or bad reviews because of a broken form on a website or if online help or information requests are ignored.

Building an online profile includes ensuring that all contact details are correct, forms are working smoothly and that any online interaction between the brand and its customers is as professional as the image you have created.

DMR can help you with a full range of branding elements for you to present to your clients:

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