As a digital agency that pitches for new business, you know that your portfolio and creative skills are good. You can do a good job on building their brand, and have done so for many other clients, but how do you give them absolute assurance that your agency can do the same for them?

The answer is strikingly simple: offer them a guarantee that you can improve their specific search engine rankings. Before you go in to pitch, place yourself in the shoes of a consumer who has not yet been introduced to your client’s brand. Without using any brand names, search the internet for the general type of product or service that the business offers.

Does the business come up within the first page of search engine results? Have you tried different search terms that people may be using? This simple exercise is not an SEO analysis, but it might give you an idea or first impression of your client’s online visibility to potential customers who are not yet familiar with their brand name.

Unless their current site consistently holds a top spot in all related and possible results in their area of business solutions, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is probably something that you know will need work.

This is where you can really wow potential new clients by approaching them with a full SEO analysis that provides a benchmark of their current online visibility. If you can guarantee to improve that, they will be impressed.

SEO Analysis Services

Digital Marketing Resellers helps digital agencies in the US to gain new business by offering a free SEO audit of the business that you would like to win. The pitch process can be long and expensive, so we take some of the cost and effort out of it for you by providing a detailed, white label report for you to present at the initial pitch.

An SEO analysis will cover a technical, content, link and Local SEO audit, as well as provide recommendations for improvement in each area. We can also do a competitive audit for you to gain insight as to how to approach your pitch strategy.

Speak to us before you start the pitch process on that new business you have set your eyes on. We’ll arm you with all the facts you need to support your pitch.

Our free trial includes free SEO audits so you don’t have to invest in the pitch before you’ve won the business.

Digital Marketing Resellers‘s CEO Damian Papworth recently offered some advice to the digital agencies of Australia. This advice was written for the thousands of smaller, niche agencies that service the Australian SME landscape and may be struggling somewhat, due to the intense competition.

SEO, digital marketing and the creative industries are very, very crowded market places here, so reviewing what you are doing and trying something different or better invariably pays dividends.

If you’d like to read Damian’s ideas, click through the image below and access the full article on Anthill.

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My Vision for Digital Marketing Resellers


I have spoken to many people about what my vision for this company is, as it is a little different to what most people expect. It’s a bit different as it is not about SEO, it’s about your business.

My vision and the vision for Globital is this:

To be the best company globally in helping digital agencies run highly successful and profitable businesses!

We aren’t just about providing wholesale SEO services, we are about doing all the things that will help you build and run a better business.
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