As a digital agency, you need to provide as many available contact platforms between your clients and their customers as possible. Direct customer communication, such as email marketing, offers your clients the advantage of the personalised touch, which helps build relationships (and brand loyalty).

At SEO Resellers, we are poised to Outsource digital marketing services that cater to this relationship and help foster the ROI for your clients by offering specific support for your client’s email marketing needs. Low open rates and even lower click-through numbers need to be addressed as quickly as possible in order to adjust both the perception of your client’s brand and the results they are receiving.

Email Marketing Tips

First things first: Personalisation. “Hi johnS32, thanks for your business!” is not the same thing as “Hey there. Thanks for the visit yesterday. Let us know if you would like some help setting up your warranty.”. Agencies that rely on shortcodes alone are missing the point of personalisation – you need to be employing geographical, visit frequency, and purchase history in your email segmentation for your clients. Becoming more human and accessible is a two-way street that encourages interaction from customers. On that note, no more emails from “noreply@” – offer direct contact to your clients instead.

Here are some more suggestions that your digital agency can execute immediately:

  • Tell your clients to delete half their email list – purging their contact list of ‘dead’, or unresponsive email addresses actually increases campaign effectiveness and helps them stay off the SPAM list
  • Freshen up the automated welcome campaign
  • Consider setting up a customer survey for your clients to find out more about what they actually want – directly from the customer
  • Include the best, if not exclusive, content in your client’s mailers
  • Ensure that there are multiple opt-in or sign up options
  • Likewise, include opt-out or unsubscribe options
  • Always use their customer’s name in the sender field
  • Be sure to keep your client’s email as brief as possible
  • Be sure to add a valuable offer – sell benefits, not features
  • Always include a call to action within the email as well as power words within the subject line
  • Include stats and percentages as this can lead to more clicks and action
  • Always A/B test subject lines
  • Always make use of preview text as this creates curiosity
  • Avoid using all-caps
  • Incorporate emojis into your client’s emails for that added creativity

As well noted by Campaign Monitor,”Design customer journeys that are unique to the group, thus increasing the efficiency. Always test important elements in your campaigns to help you constantly improve your campaigns.”

The basic principle is this: email marketing is the digital equivalent of an in-person conversation – make it more human, and less flashy-automated-pop ups type spam. While you want to promote products and services for your clients, the heart of their email marketing must be to create and fully nurture relationships with their customers and not just sell, sell, sell.

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