Digital agencies understand that social media marketing is an important element of their services. Delivering social media strategies for the brands you look after is exciting and rewarding. Managing, scheduling and monitoring them isn’t.

What are some of the frustrations you face as an agency in keeping your eye on social media management while also juggling everything else you do for your clients? These are some of the things that agencies may experience:



  • Apart from being work-intensive, social media management can tie up your expensive resources that may be better employed on brand strategies, new campaigns or gaining new business.
  • As you know, engaging with the brand’s audience and gaining instant feedback provides valuable insight for developing your client’s brand strategies, but doing so on social media requires an always available, responsive team who understand customer service and the brand voice.
  • Employing and setting up a dedicated social media management team in-house can also be costly. Having to look for and schedule freelancers every time you have a backlog can also add to your frustrations.

One of the ways to keep the costs minimal while still having peace of mind that your client’s campaigns are being run efficiently and professionally is to make use of an outsourced social media management service.

The trick is to find experts with the solid skills and experience on all the various social media platforms to deliver the kind of solutions that you can be proud of and present with confidence.

White label social media management

With a white label service, you’ll maintain the relationship with your clients and present the reports as your own. Digital Marketing Resellers is a white label service supporting digital marketing agencies.

DMR can help your agency create, schedule and post social media content for your clients with less effort and cost. You can tap into our tracking system for insight whenever you wish, and you will be able to present measurable results to your clients.

If some of your clients are hesitant to jump into the social media environment, we’ll help you to prove the benefits to them with a current visibility benchmark followed by increased website traffic and search engine rankings.

We offer a free, one month social media trial so that you can be assured of the quality of our services before you put your reputation on the line. We’re that confident that our services will support your agency with the professionalism you expect.