In the modern era, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) has become crucially important in the total digital marketing effort of a business. One of the biggest mistakes businesses make is assuming they can do SEO work by themselves. Choosing your wholesale SEO reseller may be more challenging than trying to colour coordinate a costume for a Rio Carnival.

If there is one thing a white label wholesale SEO reseller hates, other than low rankings on Google, is being given a third-degree grilling by prospective clients. However, you will need to conduct an ‘interview’, even if it resorts to a series of email exchanges.

Before you hire your prospective wholesale SEO reseller, you will need to ask the following five questions 

1. What Are Your Standards For Results?

The best wholesale SEO reseller you ought to consider is one focused on possible outcomes makes use of metrics and likes leads and sales, to attain measurable results. First page rankings on search engines are important, but they are only a positive sign and are not an actual result.

It is not good enough to opt for a wholesale SEO reseller who is content with getting you to the top of a Google search results after a morning of social media work. You are better off with a reseller who grades themselves by tangible results, i.e. sales.

2. What Are Your Criteria For Choosing Search Terms?

Researching your industry to find the keywords and phrases that evoke responses from your customers is probably the answer to this question. As an expert in your business, your keywords should match those arrived at by the white label SEO reseller. If this is not the case, one of you is not hitting the bull’s eye.

3. What Is Your Attitude Towards Content Production?

Not so many years ago, it was an acceptable practice to cram hyperlinks into blurbs with little regard to make them fit into the prescribed context. Hyperlinks are no longer a new sensation and keywords have become a standard expectation, like ketchup with your French fries.

Using naturally compelling content with your search keywords and hyperlinks organically layered in is the standard for SEO marketing. Savvy internet users expect some level of respect in regards to building SEO content without being jarring. You do not want to annoy a potential client who is a click away from exiting your website.

4. How Do You Create SEO Full Content?

Chances are you are being sold unrealistic dreams if a wholesale SEO reseller claims to double up as a content producer. Producing top quality content can only be achieved by working with an artist, a writer, a famous videographer or some other type of content specialist. You will be well within your rights to ask your SEO expert if they know their job if they are spending time writing content.

5. What Is Your Strategy For Building Links?

Links should be of high quality and should clearly state what they mean while avoiding copyright infringements. A wholesale SEO reseller who uses spam looking links will not be looking out for your best interests. The links that they build may potentially drive traffic away from your website and land your clients in legal trouble.

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