One of the most excellent and useful sources for leads, and ultimately conversions, for any business, is Google Adwords. However, it is a very complex system requiring a significant amount of effort as a foundation to build the success of a business.

Google has made it reasonably easy to set up and run your client’s Adwords campaign, all you need to do is to enter your card details, write the advert, add a few keywords and you are good to go.

It does sound straightforward like every Tom, Dick and Harry can do this with consistent success, and this holds true to a certain degree. One of the major headaches digital marketing agencies face is optimising Adword campaigns after it is implemented.

The solution lies in partnering with a white label AdWords agency that has the expertise and professionalism to garner up the desired results. In offering white label Adwords management services, an agency will optimise a campaign by;

1. Tracking Everything.

Effectively tracking the progress of an Adwords campaign will require the installation of Google Analytics on your client’s website or another analytics tool. It is recommended to utilise a call tracking solution to ascertain the sources of calls coming from your website.

The more data you gather, regardless of where it comes from, you stand a better chance of understanding how to run your client’s Adwords campaigns. A campaign’s strength, or weakness, is determined through Google Analytics, which helps you track bounce rates, time spent on the website and conversions.

2. Pause Under Performing Keywords.

What makes white-label Adwords management attractive is their constant monitoring of keywords for each of your client’s Adword campaigns. Regular checking of the performance of keywords is done every day in the early stages of the campaign, and once the dust has settled, it can be scaled back to 2-3 times per week.

Keywords that are attracting traffic but no conversions or high bounce rates will be paused immediately as your client will be losing money because they are paying for those clicks.

3. Adjust Bids For Optimal Ad Positioning.

Optimising an Adwords campaign entails reviewing campaigns, paying particular attention to the position the ads appear on. If your client’s ad have a low click-through rate, it means that the advertisement appears low on the page.

In rectifying this, an agency will slowly increase your client’s bid over a few days until the ad moves to higher positions, possibly resulting in more clicks.

4. Ad Variation Testing.

The adage, “no rest for the wicked” plays true in this context. Within each of the ad groups of your client, the agency will ensure that regular tests are conducted with at least two different ad versions.

When enough data has been collated to determine which ad version performs better, the ad needs to be scrapped, and a new variation will be added to the mix of the winning ad. Doing this allows for the agency to implement incremental enhancements throughout the campaign’s run.

5. Expanding The Keyword List.

Keywords that consistently drive quality traffic and conversions regular will be expanded from Exact Match to Broad Match. It will allow for the ad to appear on more search phrases, resulting in more traffic.

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