One of the best ways to convert more leads is to manage your Google AdWords effectively. The better your keywords have been optimised, the more traffic will be driven to your site. If you do what you’re supposed to do with regards to white label AdWords management, you’ll enjoy a decent amount of conversions happening over time. However, if you follow these tips, you’ll maximise your conversion rate in a way that won’t have you turning back.

1) Don’t Be Afraid To Disqualify Leads

It might sound ludicrous to some, but it isn’t a bad thing to disqualify some leads. Some keywords are so broad that they’ll drive traffic that doesn’t qualify for what you can provide. Using “women’s accessories” as a keyword for GPS trackers suited for elderly women with Alzheimer’s won’t optimise your leads effectively. You might find that the majority of your traffic, driven by the wrong keywords, don’t want what you provide. Optimise your keywords effectively so that they aren’t generic, and so that the leads you’ll be attracting will better qualify for what you’re selling.

2) Save Money With Display Network Ads On LinkedIn

LinkedIn should be a resource you often use if you’re running a B2B service. Many don’t know this, but LinkedIn allows you to run Google Display Network ads, which actually saves you money in the long-term by running them through Google instead of LinkedIn. It’s straightforward; you just have to create a Placement Targeted Ad Group and specify LinkedIn as your target within that group.

3) Don’t Use Your Home Page As Your Landing Page

A great campaign is wasted if you set your home page as a landing page. Your landing page should resonate with the people it has targeted, with specific information available at the click of a mouse. Sure, the same data might be present on your website; however, your leads won’t want to navigate your entire site to find the info that should have been initially on a landing page.

It’s also important to remember that if you set your home page as a landing page, your Quality Score could take a hit. Your landing page needs to be relevant to the ad you’re posting. When your score dips, your ad will be moved further down search results pages, therefore negatively affecting your ranking.

4) Use Geotargeting

Not every business will provide a product or service that appeals to everyone across the country. Some products or services could be more relevant to people who live along the coast, for example. If this sounds like your business, a great white label AdWords management tip would be to use geotargeting. Geotargeting refines your PPC ads so that they will receive better results according to specific areas.

The trick is simple – all you need to do is bid negative amounts on keywords for specific regions. That way, your ads will always be relevant to the people in areas that you’re targeting and won’t come up for people who don’t live there.

With these tips, you can change the way you manage your white label, Google AdWords. You’ll drive more traffic, target more relevant people, and maximise on your conversions. For any business, that’s the goal; to generate leads and convert more of them into paying customers. Use these tips, and you’ll never turn back to traditional AdWord management.