American motivation speaker Denis Waitley once famously said that a person should never become so much of an expert that they stop gaining expertise, and that every individual should view life as a continuous learning experience.

This is an approach to business that Digital Resellers Australia has always believed in, which is why CEO Damian Papworth recently flew to meet our offshore team based in Pakistan to facilitate training further deepening their digital expertise.

The training took place this past October in Dubai, and was attended by various leaders and heads of department from Digital Resellers Australia’s sizable Pakistan based office, including Director of Operations Asjad Afzal and Social Media Manager Affan Manzoor.

While the training covered multiple aspects of digital marketing leadership and specialisations, a core focus was on honing the skills needed for the team to become even better digital marketing experts. Over several days, everyone in attendance went through various intensive workshops and training sessions designed to take their current capabilities and skills even further.

“The training we received has given our team members that extra boost of confidence to make suggestions and think proactively instead of just offering a one size fits all solution,” says Affan Manzoor. “Even though we work with capable Australian digital marketing agencies, many of them still have knowledge gaps. For example, a client may come to us and need help in creating a social media campaign for their clients. When they do this, they’re trusting us as experts to know the latest trends in the industry and to advise them on the best possible solution for their client’s unique needs.”

“After our October training sessions, I’m confident that we’ll be able to help every agency come into their own, so they can begin to see themselves as digital marketing experts themselves.”

It’s all part of Damian’s plan to ensure that Digital Resellers Australia remains at the forefront of the local digital marketing industry, by providing agencies with the competitive advantage they need to thrive in today’s market.

“I believe that proactive training in the digital marketing industry is essential,” says Papworth. “Why wait until another day when you can easily take the necessary steps right now to make yourself and your team even better digital marketing experts?”

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