Digital agencies know the value of Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising and when to integrate it as part of a brand strategy for your clients. Organic search results and SEO are great for ongoing and steady brand building, but sometimes you may need to help your clients make a time-sensitive announcement, introduce a new product or boost web traffic based on a specific campaign or new message entry point.

You also know that once you’ve built your client’s website, it takes a while for it to build awareness via search engines. The launch phase is definitely a good time to boost it with an Adwords campaign, for example.

The trouble is that PPC marketing and management requires a lot of detailed research, analysis, split-testing and optimisation to hit the right note, off the mark. Your agency may not be geared for all the detailed work involved in that, or perhaps your experience lies more in the territory of creative strategy and design.

Employing certified Google professionals or those with the experience across all serving technologies to implement effective PPC campaigns for your clients can be an expensive investment, and with freelancers you would need to co-ordinate their cost and availability each time you have a need. There is another way to tap into experienced PPC professionals at less cost.

PPC Reseller Program

A highly specialised, white label PPC reseller program is now available to support agencies with PPC marketing and management. The DMR service ensures that you maintain your client relationships, while our experts focus on delivering the finely-tuned and intensively researched campaigns for you.

With this white label service, you can present measurable results to your clients and gain insight from Adwords Campaigns to feed back into your brand strategies. It’s a support service for your digital agency based on in-depth knowledge and experience of the territory. It means that you don’t have to waste time figuring out what works and what doesn’t.

We offer a streamlined process and a variety of campaign management options. We’ve handled millions of profitable PPC programs for business of all sizes and types. So tap into our experience to fuel your digital advertising. If you currently use PPC, we’ll examine the structure, budget efficiency and return on investment and then help you to take it to the next level.