Of course you want to help your clients reach new customers, but sometimes managing Adwords campaigns can be admin intensive and in a busy agency environment, it can cause other work to get backed up in the system.

That’s where Adwords specialists can help. Request a white label Adwords service so that you can have the management and reporting dealt with while you focus on creative strategies and brand identity.

You can outsource the elements of brand campaigns like search and display network ads, and have the white label reports sent back through to you. Incorporate your insights and send it onto your clients with confidence that traffic, leads and sales have been boosted.



The Adwords Management Process

We don’t need to tell you that Americans access the internet for products and services every day. You know that, but isn’t PPC more about analysis than creative work? In many ways, yes it is. But it also dovetails perfectly with your brand message campaigns. Here’s what we offer as a white label Adwords service to you:

  • A comprehensive Pay Per Click Audit with keyword research.
  • Setting up a campaign from start to finish: ads, location, keywords and extensions.
  • Spilt testing to improve metrics in terms of clicks, purchases, and form completion.
  • Identifying and eliminating all negative keywords.
  • Conversion installation and optimization for accurate benchmarking.
  • Demonstrating progess with weekly and monthly reports.
  • Monthly campaign analysis and revision depending upon statistics.
  • Re-marketing (where requested).

DMR are Digital Marketing Resellers and we can support your agency with professional white label Adwords management at wholesale rates. Contact us to talk Google Adwords or access our free trial.