SEO and Competitor Analysis

SEO and Competitor Analysis

For Digital Marketing Agencies, SEO Analysis offers an in-depth exploration of the current online visibility of your client’s brands.

It helps you to benchmark a specific business profile online and a full DMR analysis will make precise recommendations for improvement in each area.

What better way to approach a potential new client?

Convert insights into action

DMR offers an in-depth SEO analysis from which to grow your clients business.

Our SEO experts can apply their experience and knowledge to helping you:

  • Refine and improve SEO page ranking results
  • Build an excellent and reputable digital brand presence.

DMR’s professional SEO analysis starts with an audit on each area.

SEO Technical Audit

In-depth technical audit of a site reveals how easy it is for search engines to crawl and index the right information in the right format to serve up relevant results.

Errors in the technical SEO structure of your site may not be visible to visitors, or even web developers, but search engines can and will find them.

SEO technical analysis

Knowing what problems to look for and how to fix them takes experienced technical experts. We’ll review the website’s platform, architecture, hierarchy and hosting structure and then provide recommendations based on best practice and up-to-date search engine optimization techniques.

SEO Content Audit

This audit determines whether search engines can digest the content of a website or extended online presence and make sense of it. Often, the content maps and metadata isn’t sufficient. How frequently the content is updated matters too.

Even if search engines can index the content, is it based on extensive keyword research and relevant information that potential customers may be looking for?

SEO Content Analysis

DMR not only reviews the content from the perspective of search engines, but of human beings too. We’ll help you to create original and relevant blog posts, communicated in natural language and offering useful and meaningful information based on the business keyword research.

SEO Link Audit

The links that point towards a website are an important factor in page ranking algorithms. A back-link profile audit will pick up spam. Bad backlinks will get a website penalized in page rankings, so removing them is urgent.

SEO Link Analysis

A genuine link structure is crucial to page ranking success. DMR can help you to build a good backlink structure based on natural inbound links that place website pages in the right context.

Local SEO Audit

If a client’s business operates in a specific area, are search engines keeping old or outdated contact information in their caches? A local SEO audit will pick up on incorrect local listings as well as potential invisibility in the community.

Local SEO Analysis

We have extensive experience with building local business profiles based on monitoring listings, community reviews and helping your client’s brand to be found in the right place at the right time.

Competitor Analysis

DMR will provide an SEO competitor analysis on specific business industries or niches.

  • Start with a competitor analysis before creating digital strategies for your client’s brand.
  • Conduct one to determine the relative success of your work in a particular area.
  • Gain a better understanding of the territory in which the business operates.

SEO Audit Free Trial

DMR offers a free SEO audit trial on all of these areas. Explore the potential and arm your agency with the facts to win over new business or become familiar with the environment before you pitch.

In-depth SEO Analysis

Our in-depth SEO analysis will provide you with recommendations for improving and raising the brand to top spots in search engine rankings.