In the last few years, there has been drastic changes to the digital marketing landscape, but what has remained consistent is the importance of SEO as a marketing strategy thanks to its result-orientated nature.

Every business in this day in age will need to invest in SEO or risk losing money if their website is not optimised. The benefits of SEO are extensive, but below are the benefits we think are important especially as you embark on your client’s 2019 campaigns;

  1. Return on Investment (ROI).

SEO provides better ROI as compared to normal ads. For example, when you buy 500 visitors from a paid ad, only 2% of those visitors might be converted into a sale. On the other hand, 500 clicks from SEO will guarantee that 4% of those visitors will be converted to sales.

Your ROI is not affected whether you have an e-Commerce or a non-e-Commerce website, as SEO provides measurable and trackable results.

2. No Paid Advertising.

One of the most attractive benefits of SEO is that paid advertising is not a prerequisite to attract customers if your SEO rankings are strong. You will be able to save a truck load of your client’s money, and convince them to invest it on other important areas, when you have an effective SEO strategy working for them.

3. Increased Traffic.

Website traffic is one of the greatest types traffic because people are actually searching for the solution your client is providing. When your client’s website acquires a top position on a search engine result page, it is more likely to collect a significant number of impressions and clicks. This means ranking in these top positions will significantly increase traffic to their website. Optimised tags and descriptions increase the click-through rate, promoting the increase in qualified website traffic.

4. Brand Credibility.

If your client’s website is ranked on the first page of Google search engine results, people are more inclined to trust the brand than a brand that is further back on the rankings. Google is the most trusted source when anyone is looking for something. 37% of all search engine clicks are on the first organic listing.

A business that does not utilise SEO is a business that is bound to live in the shadow of brands that are taking full advantage of it. There are many benefits your clients can enjoy by using SEO but the trick is to find the optimal strategy that will yield the desired results.