A business which operates without a website is one that has rendered itself obsolete and irrelevant. A site is a quintessential prerequisite of any company in this modern era.

Your company’s website is a conscious entity on the internet. It interacts with visitors and every update you make on the site once it is “live” aids in that interaction. Search engines will consider a static website without any updates as one that is a “dead” entity with no life and nothing new to offer. A website that is frequently updated provides search engines with a haven of fresh content and sources of new information to assist in their search requests.

As the adage says, “a jack of all trades is a master of none”, and this applies when it comes to content writing for your website. Writing fresh content of top quality is not as easy as picking daisies from your garden, and it is not everyone’s forte.

We have compiled reasons why it is important to use white label content writing services;

1. Fresh Content = Frequent Indexing.

Fresh content does not automatically give you higher indexing, do not let that phrase confuse you. If you regularly update your website with articles, downloads and new web pages, search engines will frequently stop by and visit your site.

Your website stands a better chance on achieving higher rankings, based on the content you provide when search engines take a look at your website more frequently it is important to keep in mind; quality is essential here. Updating your site regularly is must, but you need to keep your content standards high.

2. Google Loves Frequent Updates.

Google is the most popular search engine, it has a tremendous influence on webmasters and also on how websites are constructed. 

Google considers a website that is updated once a day or at least two or three times a week as one that is frequently updated. Googlebot continually crawls the web for sites that are new or updated and adds the fresh content on to the Google Index. Your website stands a better chance of being ranked higher with regular updates.

3. Fresh Content Increases Your Authority Potential.

All webmasters are in a hustle to be viewed by Google as the industry “authority’. The SEO adage, “content is king” is the predominant strategy utilised to ensure your website is regarded as an authority site. Your website is bound to enjoy greater authority potential when it is updated with informative and valuable content that relates to your industry

Publishing industry news is another useful strategy that you can use to turn your website into an authority site. Your website will gain stronger authority and gain trust when it is updated frequently with great content on a particular. Using social media is a great avenue to start with authority building on a topic.

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