Facebook is one of the most densely populated social networking platforms across the world. In fact, most people have had a Facebook profile at some point. That means that if your client doesn’t have a Facebook marketing strategy, this social platform is an untapped goldmine of potential audiences that they have not yet reached with their business. Whether your clients own large corporations, or are small home businesses, Facebook can be used as a useful marketing tool if outsourced to the right white label agency. Here are three ways to help your agency assist your clients in social media marketing.

1) Create A Facebook Page For Your Business

Having a Facebook page is similar to having a website but on a social networking platform. Your clients can add all relevant information about their businesses onto their Facebook pages, such as their mission, vision, contact details and more. It’s an excellent way for a company to identify itself to its target audience, and other potential leads. A Facebook page not only provides valuable information about the business and a simple way to make contact, but it also shares links, blogs and images on a customisable page that can easily show the business’s culture and personality.

With the opportunity to show the personality of your clients’ businesses, you can also create a brand identity using social media marketing, which shows the human side of the corporation. That’s important because many people don’t always see this side of a business, especially of a large corporation with thousands of employees. This all adds up to a business marketing itself to thousands of unreached people within their target audience.

2) Facebook Advertising

Facebook’s classic ads are different from sponsored or promoted posts. When you log into Facebook next, look at the sidebars on the web page. Those are traditional Facebook adverts, which include a headline, an image and a click-through link to a landing page which will either be a landing page, a Facebook page or an online store. If you want to drive clicks or increase how many likes your clients’ pages have, Facebook advertising is a good way to get them. Facebook uses cookies to provide people with adverts that are similar to things that they’ve researched recently. Therefore, if someone is looking for services that a client you manage with your agency provides, their adverts could appear on the sidebar of their newsfeed, prompting them to view your client’s services. Facebook ads also have other features, which include demographic targeting, budget settings, ad testing, and built-in tools to measure the performance of their ads.

3) Promoted Posts

If your clients want to create a few posts that will be promoted across multiple Facebook timelines, they can pay Facebook a flat rate and their posts will reach a certain number of users. This improves the reach their posts can have and also increases the average number of impressions that their posts generally receive. Promoted posts don’t rely on cookies or other market research. Promoting your posts increases the chances that people will see your clients’ content, regardless of if they have liked their Facebook pages or not.

Used correctly, Facebook can be a powerful marketing tool when your clients outsource white label social media marketing services to you as an agency. Use it to create brand awareness and a human-like personality for the businesses that you manage, and to reach more people within your clients’ target markets. Advertising on social media has never been easier.