As you probably know, the term ‘white label’ refers to producing a product or service for another company to rebrand and sell-on accordingly.

In this case, a white label content writing service produces digital content for marketing and advertising agencies, who in turn package it with their other services for their clients.

Content producers offer a support structure for agencies to tap into when they need to outsource content-intensive jobs that are a part of their on-going digital brand building for their clients.

Agencies would have already developed the brand identity, strategy and campaign and now need to feed it with written content to keep it alive, monitored and results-driven.


Content can include a number of written elements within a brand campaign:

  • Website pages that are well structured and SEO focused.
  • Blog posts to keep brands relevant and fresh.
  • Email campaigns for direct marketing.
  • Social media content to support social media campaigns.
  • Press Releases and product descriptions.
  • Print copy and brochures.
  • Proofreading and transcribing.

These are often time-consuming elements of brand campaigns that require a monitoring and leads focus, and support the main message that the agency develops for each brand.

So what are the advantages of our white label content writing service for agencies?

  • Never miss deadlines by waiting for your client to supply content.
  • Clear backlogs in your system when content requirements are holding it up.
  • If you want the assurance of rigorous sub editing by experienced journalists.
  • To nurture leads on brand campaigns and provide reports.
  • Achieve higher website rankings for your client’s brands.
  • Increase profitability by tapping into wholesale rates.

In an increasingly content-driven world, it simply makes sense to outsource the production, just as you would for TV or Radio commercials.

DMR are Digital Marketing Resellers and we can support your agency with professional content at wholesale rates. We never duplicate and make sure you can always provide fresh, unique content. Contact us to talk about your content requirements and our affordable packages.